Ulysses' Gaze


Thu 30.01.2014 at 20.00, Sala Auditorium Club House

(Greece/France/Italy/Germany. 1995)
Audio track: English, Greek, Subtitles: English
With: Harvey Keitel, Erland Josephson, Maia Morgenstern, Thanasis Vengos

Ulysses' Gaze

Awards: 1995, Grand Jury Prize and International Critics' Prize, Cannes Film Festival. Felix of the Critics (Film of the Year 1995).
«Aggelopoulos's great spirit and talent is to take 'The Odyssey' and make a story that is not only relevant to our time, but is, in fact, our time.» Harvey Keitel
A Greek-American filmmaker, known simply as «A», returns to his hometown in northern Greece for a screening of his latest controversial film. His real reason for coming back, however, is to track down three long-missing reels of film by Greece's pioneering Manakia brothers who in the early years of cinema traveled through the Balkans, ignoring national and ethnic strife and recording ordinary people, especially craftsmen, on film. Their images, he believes, hold the key to lost innocence and essential truth, to an understanding of Balkan history Thus he embarks on a search that takes him across the war-torn Balkans, a landscape of spectral figures and broken dreams, right to the heart of darkness: a damaged film archive in Sarajevo where his quest ends. Like a latter-day Ulysses he finds his «Ithaca», the missing, undeveloped film and is at last united with the work of the Manakia brothers... his gaze communes with theirs and another journey begins.